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Agent Referral

You will need to complete the Referral Form to get started. You’ll then need to fill out the Referral Agreement along with a W9 before payment can be made.


We'll send out the Referral Agreement for electronic signature when your client signs up. This is required before payment can be made. All prospective clients must be registered in our system prior to being shown the property to claim a referral fee. No referral fees will be paid for prospects that were not registered with us before the client contacts our office. Only licensed real estate agents are able to receive referral fees.

Rental Property Analysis:
When your client requests an evaluation for the performance of their rental property, whether it's a homeowner contemplating renting versus selling their home or a current rental property owner in need of a performance analysis, Siven Rentals can provide the necessary insights. We can even analyze the current performance of their property under another management company to ensure they receive the best service, highest returns, and most competitive rates."

Rental Solutions for Properties Under Market Value:
After conducting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and attending a listing appointment, if it's determined that the seller is underwater on the property and needs to wait for the value to increase, don't deliver the bad news without a solution. Refer them to us to rent the property for a year or two while the value appreciates. When they are ready to sell, we will send them back to you. This way, you provide them with an option to pursue their plans, move out of the home, and have their mortgage covered with rent."

Properties Unable to Sell, But Your Owner Still Needs to Move:
If you have a listing that's expiring, and the seller doesn’t want to renew, give them a solution that allows them to move as planned by referring them to us for renting and property management. When they’re ready to attempt selling it again, we will send them back to you."

Rental Property Investors:
If you're working with a buyer purchasing one or more houses strictly as an investment property for renting, recommend a reputable property management company that can handle tenant relationships. Many investors want the rewards of rental income without the hassles of management. If they decide to purchase additional properties or sell the ones they have, we will refer them back to you.

  • How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
    We spend time ensuring your property is ready for the rental market and attractive to potential tenants. The amount of time it’s on the market depends on competition, time of year, and the condition and price of your home. We will ensure it rents as quickly as possible to protect your rental income.
  • How do you price my property?
    We do an exhaustive analysis of comparable properties in the market and price your home accordingly. The goal is to earn you the most rent possible while minimizing your vacancy rate and ensuring we place the most qualified tenants.
  • What makes you different from other Property Management Companies?
    We believe we provide better communication and care for our customers. Working with us brings you a depth of knowledge that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  • What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
    Our strict tenant screening process greatly reduces the likelihood that your tenants won’t pay rent on time. However, bad things happen to even the best people, so if a tenant can no longer pay rent, we will begin the eviction process and place a tenant in your property who can pay rent in a timely manner.

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